Timayan Native

He Sits Across From Me (Lyrics)

He sits across from me..but I cant say his name. He knows I want to speak..but he continues to play these games..oh why wont he just, cut me loose..instead of playing this game of duck duck goose..? I want to end this war..lets cut our loss’s and call this thing a truce..I was so bent on you, but you, tossed my heart about..you didnt give a fuck those were lies coming from your mouth..and you can say, you can say that you truly do care..but when I needed you, I looked around and you were not there..Oh…I have seen this movie before, I refuse to be the dirty mat on your floor…floor…..He sits across from me, but I cant say his name..he knows I want to speak but continues to play these games..Oh wont you just cut me loose, why wont you just cut me loose..? Just cut me loose


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