Timayan Native

Shallow Surface Dolls (No Tea No Shade)

Intro: Fantasy..(Get Back) Melody..(Get Back) Meets Love..(Get Back

Verse 1: I must go and declare, that those shoes are so rare, your face is beat your dress is neat, the other girls dont compare..(Coco Chanel a tragic classic, the other Girls are tragic plastic)..Please excuse them they stare if they dont like you who cares? The girls that matter say youre in because youre serving Mugler..She is out cause she’s a cow the stage is clear youre on now..Please let me clear the air, nothing in life is fair, those shoes made by Jimmy Choo are whats giving you flair. Louboutins, Monolo Blanik..are you blind? Are you hooked on phonics? Get into this, my girls are paid..youre girls are not…No tea No Shade…

Chorus: No Tea No Shade, No Shade No Tea (We’re Shallow Surface Dolls) Repeat

Verse 2: Girl is on her grind..(money on her mind) She’s not playin round..(devotions hard to find) Figured that you would get your turn, with all the money you have to burn..but first text book, they’re some lessons you must learn..(We call for Anna Wintour..These girls need a mentor) Exclusivity..Elite by all means, we only associate with the Surface Queens, perfect hair, flawless skin…But we’re EMPTY inside..there is nothing within..Secretly we are hurting..say Oooh..you may not know we’re crashing and burning…Oooh..my lemonade..from maid..yea oh thats right..a bitch is paid..a bitch is paid, a bitch is paid, a bitch is paid..No Tea No Shade..

Chorus: No Tea No Shade, No Shade No Tea (We’re Shallow Surface Dolls) Repeat

Break Down: Miza..Miza Miza..Rahi.. Rahi Rahi! (Repeat)


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